Welcome to the official site of Airport Hopper, the leading transportation service of the city of Moab. We are happy you chose us in taking the first step in the very place where adventure begins.

What do we do?

We provide the fastest and most comfortable alternative to renting a car or hiring a taxi while providing you with the most memorable experience possible. Only a 30-minute ride from the airport, sit back and enjoy the scenic route of one of America’s greatest treasures while planning your trip on our classic, air-conditioned shuttle bus. We service most accommodations there are to find in Moab, so if you have a hotel reservation, perfect. If not, no worries. We will drop you off at any of the designated hotel stops so you can find exactly what suits your needs.

How does it work?

While we service most hotels, restaurants and shops, you may also choose to hop off almost anywhere downtown and explore the city before you settle in. Shuttle tickets are available in single trip or round-trip packages. All you need to do is specify your returning flight (exact date, and whether morning or afternoon) and your driver will mark it down to the given date. We make it our top priority to pick you up at your hotel that very day, providing you with more than enough time before your flight. For pickup times on your day of travel, contact us at 435-522-9154. (times may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions)

How do I get my ticket?

To purchase your ticket(s) ahead of time, simply click on the buy your tickets now button below. In order to purchase your ticket successfully you must include your flight date, time and flight number in your order notes.

If you would prefer to buy your tickets on the day of your trip, that works too. We accept all major credit cards as well as cash, which is payable to your driver.

We hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful city, and thanks for choosing Airport Hopper as your preferred method of transportation.

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